Let our in-house experts make your next project a reality.



Chris Visci

They were able to get my damages covered by my insurance and made the process super quick and easy. I appreciate the quality of work and most of all the clarity and communication of the company. I will definitely use them in the future!


Justine Laughlin

Jeremy was very helpful in dealing with my insurance company to get the true cost of the damage repaired and was able to get a full replacement approved through them. He was able to keep me updated through the process and explained anything I had que...


Jason Mitchell

In the middle of renovating attic in two bedrooms. Going so well! Excited to work with them.

Why Badger Restoration and Roofing?

The foundation of our business is building trust with the customer. We make it our top priority to build strong connections with our customers. Our honest and local approach ensures that you get the best service possible every time.

We have an in-house crew that handles the majority of repairs for our customers. This means we have complete control over the quality of work and can ensure that every step of the process is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

By using the same estimating software that insurance companies use, we can accurately assess the damage to your property and provide a detailed estimate for repairs that insurance companies are more likely to approve. We can also streamline the claims process, making it faster and more efficient for our customers.

We want to save you money. This means that, aside from your deductible, there should be no additional out-of-pocket expenses for you. We work with your insurance company directly to ensure that all of the necessary repairs are covered under your policy and completed to the highest standards of quality.